Tuesday 25 October – Sunday 15 November 2016
Old Rum Store 2-10 Kensington St, Chippendale
Exploring the complex connotations of the Seven Deadly Sins, as they relate to food, through the medium of painting.

Artist statement: 

“Food is traditionally associated with the word gluttony, however it is the root cause of gluttony that I examine in this piece and how it affects our relationship to the world we live in.

Gluttony is the symptom of insatiability, much like an addiction, and addiction is the symptom of disconnection. There is a hole in the psyche of our collective consciousness, resulting from man’s disconnection from nature, which has led us to look for meaning in possessions, success and online avatars; as a result we have developed an appetite for consumption. The greed of consumerism whether it be our need for new, better things, our need to feed on constant social media images or our need for validation through these channels, results in us living in a state of constant craving which can never be satisfied. Greed is the psychological orifice that devours us.

The underlying feeling of emptiness pervades our every action, as our lives are seemingly devoid of true meaning we project our dissatisfaction onto possessions. Our voracious appetite for consumption has become insatiable. We binge. We are a society operating on greed, attempting to fill a void that can never be filled, but without true meaning and reconnection to nature we can never truly escape the cycle of gluttony.”