craig_ruddy_table-clothRIVERS OF CONVERSATION
27 OCTOBER 2016
Location: St. Canice’s, Elizabeth Bay

Artist Statement:

” The greatest indicator of the world’s stability, wealth, and safety is the status of women ” Gloria Steinem

When asked to contribute a piece for this charity I thought of Gloria Steinem’s theory suggesting a seeming link between violence against women and global instability. I chose to explore this idea as the proceeds of the work will go towards supporting women’s shelters. There is an obvious need restore balance in society which is evidenced by the existence of these shelters.

That the piece was to be printed on a tablecloth was significant in how I approached the work as it led me to reflect on the experience of sharing food, and how these shared moments could contribute to inspire social change.

Drawing inspiration from the natural landscape, the drips in the work are symbolic of rivers and conversations, how they diverge, flow, and merge.

In order to restore social balance the conversation to ensure women’s safety and equal rights needs to continue.  These conversations can start around the dinner table and ultimately filter out into the community, nurturing and supporting a healthier society, just as rivers and estuaries filter through the landscape carrying vital water and nutrients to feed and nurture the land.”