REMNANTS – of an urban landscape.


REMNANTS – of an urban landscape.

Suburban waste bins become the focus of these abstract landscapes. The body of work explores the human mind as an open vast landscape obstructed by glimpses of perceived reality, etched with remnants of the past. We are simply vessels suspended in time, stitched to the eternal passage of life and death as we fill ourselves, empty, and then fill again.

Like ancient ruins, waste bins scattered throughout our urban landscapes become metaphors for the memories of their owners, the remnants that are left in ones mind by the constant flux of life. Past memories, some fully loaded others sprawled empty. Each is potent with its sense in being, though many remain simply as waste, like scratches on a rolling film. We grasp at them constantly in an attempt to complete a picture, to understand what has been before and to foresee a path ahead, weaving between parallel universes, spinning our web to which we cling to as life.

These landscapes could also be taken literally, reflecting a wasteland created by modern civilization. Stark, alluring and atmospheric with crisp vertical white lines suggesting a structured, white picket fence existence. The images are then overlaid with fragmented continuous line drawings of rubbish bins.

Acrylic, oil, cotton thread & needles, ink transfer prints and resin on paper and canvas.